UPCOMING: 2nd Inside Contemporary Cuban Film Delegation, December 1 - 8, 2016

"I have worked at films festivals and markets all over the world and the experience of traveling to Cuba with AMI and AC Journeys was the most unique of my career.  Thanks to the longstanding relationships that Alex and Jose have within the independent filmmaking community in Cuba, we were able see spectacular work and learn about innovative processes used in filmmaking there.  Moreover we were exposed to invaluable insights about what it means to be an independent filmmaker in Cuba. Collectively we contemplated what the future looks like for National independent cinema as well as how to best create cross-cultural partnerships." Amy Mitchell-Smith, Director, Baton Rouge Film Commission

"Alex Halkin and Jose Pineda organized an incredible film delegation. The trip was a week of networking with Cuban independent filmmakers, production companies, community media groups, and animators. It was a vibrant cultural exchange through a filmmaking lens that you won't get anywhere else. Every detail of the trip, from visas to transportation to dining, was coordinated flawlessly. I highly recommend this film delegation to film professionals seeking to make meaningful connections with Cuban filmmakers." Alden Peters, Documentary Filmmaker, Casa Vera Producers

The Americas Media Initiative (AMI) is organizing our second Inside Contemporary Cuban Film delegation looking at current trends in contemporary Cuban filmmaking with a focus on emerging filmmakers. The delegation is geared toward film programmers and curators, film professionals, academics and people with a general interest in contemporary Cuban film.

Because of the close working relationship AMI has with many emerging filmmakers, delegates will meet one on one with documentary, fiction filmmakers, producers and animators. Delegates will attend special screenings of their work in various locations both in and outside of Havana. Alexandra Halkin, AMI Founding Director and Jose Pineda, Director of AC Journeys/Anthropologie Consulting will lead the delegation.

Delegation highlights include:

•    Travel to La Conchita, Pinar del Río to meet young filmmakers who are part of a unique community media project, Camara chica (Little camera). Camara chica was initiated with funding from the British Counsel in 2013. Camara chica now produces programming for the local TV channel besides their own community-based work.

•    Trip to Santa Clara to meet with Harold (Muke) Diaz-Guzman, a self-taught animator, software designer and university professor along with his award winning animation collective, Oniroma.

•    Screening of the new documentary, Villa Rosa in the town of Caibarien, Villa Clara Province. Caibarien is the first community to elect a transgender representative to the local Peoples Power and Villa Rosa tells the stories of some of Caibarien’s most celebrated residents.

•    In Havana delegates will meet with independent production companies such as El Central, JenovaPro, EstudioST and ÑOOo Producciones.

•    Visit to the internationally celebrated International Film and Television School (EICTV) in San Antonio de los Baños.

•    Visit to the FAMCA (National Film School) in Havana with film professor and cultural critic, Gustavo Arcos.

•    Other Havana meetings include the Muestra Joven (Young Directors Film Festival), award-winning documentary filmmaker, Ernesto Pérez Zambrano and documentary and fiction filmmakers including Rigoberto Jímenez.

•    The delegation will end with attendance at the opening night of the Havana Film Festival.

We encourage people to sign up early since there are a limited number of spaces available on this delegation. All films and talks with be translated to English. For further information contact: Jose Pineda, or call: (786) 955-6660 or click here 

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