Cuban Filmmaker Bios


Alejandro Ramirez


Alejandro Ramirez is a Guatemalan photographer and film director, who lives in Cuba. He graduated from Facultad de Arte de los Medios de Comunicación Audiovisual de Instituto Superior de Arte, (The School of Audiovisual Media Communication of the Higher Institute for the Arts) in Havana, Cuba. As a photographer he has 14 solo exhibitions and 10 group exhibitions; he collaborates with several magazines and media. He has participated in the production of various audiovisual materials as a sound engineer, cameraman, assistant director and director of photography. As a Director he has filmed various institutional materials and many documentaries that have won national and international awards. He is a Professor at the Instituto Superior de Arte ISA (Higher Institute for the Arts).


Arturo Infante

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Arturo Infante graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte (Higher Institute for the Arts) in Havana, where he specialized in performing arts. Later he joined the International School of Cinema and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, in the Department of Screenwriting. He has written several screenplays for feature films, including "La Edad de la Peseta", ("The Age of the Peseta") which was nominated for best foreign film at the Goya Awards in 2006. As a director he has made five short films that have been shown in and outside of Cuba, obtaining several awards.



Leandro de la Rosa

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Leandro de la Rosa graduated from the Academia de Bellas Artes San Alejandro (School of Fine Arts in San Alejandro) and is currently in his 2nd year of studying direction at the Facultad de Arte de los Medios de Comunicación Audiovisual del ISA (School of Audiovisual Media Communication of ISA), and has worked as a filmmaker since 2009. He has been a finalist in the 2nd International Video Art Festival in Camaguey, at the 8th International Non-Budget Film Festival in Holguin, at the Festival "A cortico” in Madrid, at the 10th, 11th and 12th Muestra Joven, among others. He has been awarded at Promofilm in Villa Clara, at Notodofilm in Holguin, at the Almacen de la Imagen in Camaguey. He is part of the Organizing Committee of the Festival IMAGO of ISA where he is in charge of graphic design and this year will be on the festival jury. He is currently working on the project " Circulos rotos" ("Broken Circles"), a short fiction film.


Cruz Gustavo Perez

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Cruz Gustavo Pérez Fernández is a documentary maker, photographer and poet. He is the Director of short documentaries like El viaje (The Trip), Caidije, La Tejedora (The Weaver), Sola (Alone), y Despertando a Quan Tri (Waking up Quan Tri), awarded Pobreza Zero at the Humberto Solás Low Budget International Film Festival 2006. His first feature film, Todos iban a ser reinas (They Would All Be Queens), was in the Humberto Solás Low Budget International Film Festival, in the Festival Santiago Álvarez in memoriam”, and in the section “Made in Cuba” of the Festival of New Latin American Cinema. He was invited to the Cuban Film Festival in Munich and the First Biennal of Arts, Lisboa 2011. With the project “Transitando” ("Traveling") of AM Productions, he participated in the Suni Side of the Doc, European Spot, la Rochelle, France, 2007. This work was bought by TV Cataluña and Canal Odisea. His documentary Ave María had a trajectory that began in the Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Cuba 2009. Awarded with the “Sara Gómez” prize at the International Film Festival of Guadalajara, for Best Latin American Feature Documentary, Mexico 2010; Chicago Latino Film Festival, USA, 2010; Latin American Video Festival, Rosario, Argentina, 2010; Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival, 2010; Doc Lisboa, National Premieres, Portugal, 2010; Cinemaissí – Latin American Film Festival, Finland, 2010 and in the London Latin American Film Festival, England 2010. His latest films include El Predicador (The Preacher) and Corriente alterna (Alternate Current). He was part of the jury in the Documentary genre of the Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana. He was selected by Cuba to participate in the first conference of Documentary Film Sweden-Cuba. His work has been reviewed in publications like Cine Cubano (Cuban Cinema) and Archivos de la Filmoteca (Film Library), Valencia, Spain. He holds the Distinction for National Culture and is a member of UNEAC.


Harold Rensoli

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I was born in Havana in 1979. I am a visual artist and currently work as a graphic designer in the magazine Opus Havana, part of the Office of the Historian of the City. I graduated from the former Escuela Elemental de Artes Plásticas (School of Visual Arts) on October 20, 1993. In 1997 I graduated from the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro (School of Fine Arts in San Alejandro). While studying at the School of Fine Arts I also studied animation at ICAIC. In 2002 I studied set design at the Facultad de Artes Escénicas ISA (Theatre and Dance). Since 2004 I have worked as a web designer in the CENSAI and at the same time began to make audiovisual works which have been exhibited at different national and international festivals (Yo Ustedes (I Them) 2005, Las Flores Feas (Ugly Flowers) 2007, ¿Cómo desaparecer completamente? (How to Completely Disappear) 2009, La gota que… (The Drop That...) 2010, El Último Acto (The Last Act)  2012).


Karel Ducasse

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ImageKarel Ducasse is a screenwriter, producer and director. He graduated from the Facultad de Medios de Comunicación Audiovisual del ISA (School of Audiovisual Media Communication of ISA) (2008) in film direction. He has also studied still photography, fictional drama, documentary, cinematographic animation and editing. He works as an independent filmmaker in the Department of Animation of ICRT, where he has directed various programs including “Mensajes de bien público” ("Messages of Public good"), “Presentaciones” ("Presentations"), an educational series and children’s entertainment. Presently, he directs the series of mythological legends: “Los cuentos de Panchito” ("The Stories of Panchito"). He has written and directed the documentaries “Zona de silencio” ("Zone of Silence"), “Hasta cierto punto, diferentes” ("Up to a certain point, different") or "Carnaval" ("Carnival"), "Indio" ("Indian"), "Cómo será Alejandro" ("What will Alejandro be Like"), and "Documentando a Zayas" ("Documenting Zayas"), and the short fiction films "Maqueta para un adiós" ("An Outline for Saying Goodbye) codirected with María Elisa Pérez Leal and "Viejas monedas" ("Old Coins"). He has written various television programs: “Conexión” ("Connections"), Series of Stop motion “Piófilo y Cascaron” and “El profesor” ("The Professor"). Currently, he forms part of the group that investigates and disseminates Westindian culture. He has won 14 awards and mentions in various festivals, including 2 awards for Animation in the National Festival of TV and one International award in the Festival of “Cine Pobre de Gibara.” ("Low-budget Cinema Film Festival of Gibara")


Livan Antonio


Livan Antonio (Havana 1976) is director of audiovisual works, screenwriter and director of radio and television programs. He graduated from the Facultad Arte de los Medios de Comunicación Audiovisual del Instituto Superior de Arte (School of Audiovisual Media Communication of the Higher Institute of Art). He is part of the National Union of Writers and Artistas of Cuba (UNEAC) and the Association Hermanos Sais (AHS), where he directed the audiovisual department in the City of Havana. He has completed various postgraduate courses, participated on the panel of conferences and has recently finished a master’s program.  Presently, he is Vice Dean and professor in the Department of Media and Audiovisual Arts and professor of Theory and Documentary Technique.


Katrin Hansing

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Katrin Hansing is Professor of Anthropology at City University New York (CUNY). A native of South Africa, Katrin lived in Cuba for many years and continues to be actively engaged in cultural and academic exchanges with the island. ‘Freddy Ilanga: Che's Swahili Translator’ is her first documentary film.



Rigoberto Jimenez

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Rigoberto graduated 1992 with a major in Spanish Language and Philology in and in 1993 he graduated from the Facultad de Medios Audiovisuales in TV Direction (Department of Audiovisual Media); moreover he has participated in numerous workshops at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de los Baños, (International School of Cinema and Television of San Antonio de los Baños) Cuba. He is one of the founders of the community media project Televisión Serrana that began in 1993 with funding from UNESCO. During the 90’s, Rigoberto produced a number of award winning documentaries in conjunction with TV Serrana.

Rigoberto is a member of the Cuban Writers and Artists Union (UNEAC). Rigoberto currently works at the International Film and Television School based in San Antonio de los Baños where he is the Director of the TV and New Media Department.  

Rigoberto just finished his first feature fiction film, Bitter Coffee (Cafe Amargo) based on his award-winning documentary The Four Sisters.


Victor Alfonso

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ImageVictor Alfonso Cedeño is an architect by profession and has worked since 2001 as a strip cartoonist in the humorous newspaper "La Picúa" of Cienfuegos. Among his works the cartoon strips "Dany y el Club de Los Berracos" ("Dany and the Boar Club") and "El Cochero" ("The Driver") are the most famous, having published around 60 numbers. As a graphic humorist he has received awards and mentions in the “Salón de Caricaturas” (Cartoon Salon") and “Humor Gráfico La Picúa” ("Graphic Humor of La Picua"). In 2009 he began making cartoons with his work "Dany y el Club de Los Berracos" ("Dany and the Boar Club") Chapter 1: “!Dany...qué tempranito!” ("Dany... How Early!") With this animation he has received numerous awards and mentions, including a scholarship from the Ludwig Foundation. In 2010 he continued making "Dany y and the Boar Club" Chapter 2: “El Plan de Calixto” ("Calixto's Plan") and participated as writer and animator of the 3D animation “Invertebrados" ("Invertebrates"). For "Dany and the Boar Club", he obtained the Caracol award for Animation, Script and Direction in 2011. He also participated in the contest "Jameson en corto" parallel to the 10th Muestra Joven, with the animation "Incontrolable" ("Incontrollable") and received the first prize.


Ernesto Pérez

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ImageErnesto Pérez Zambrano, November 25, 1981. In 2008 he graduated from the Facultad de Comunicación Audiovisual del Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) (School of Audiovisual Media Communication of ISA), Havana, Cuba, in Audiovisual Communication, specializing in Direction. He has collaborated with the networks Red Iberoamericana de Masculinidades (Ibero-American Network of Masculinities) and the Red del Universo Audiovisual del Niño y la Niña Latinoamericanos (Network of the Audiovisual Universe of Latinamerican Girls and Boys). He has participated in academic events on masculine studies, gender studies and communication and environmental education. In 2012 he participated in the XXX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), San Francisco, California, with the lecture Razones del documental contemporáneo en Cuba. Preguntas de un joven realizador (Reasons for the contemporary documentaries in Cuba. Questions of a Young Filmmaker).  His documentaries have been included, in various editions of the Muestra Joven (Young Directors) and in the Muestra Hecho en Cuba (Made in Cuba). His filmography as director includes, the documentaries: Hombres Sobre Cubierta, ("Men on Deck")  (52 min. 2008, OJALÁ,  Canek) Codirected with Alejandro Ramírez Ánderson.  ¿Grandes Ligas? ("Major Leagues?") (27 min. 2008, FAMCA-CONTRAHEMONIC@S), awarded the Premio Grupo de Reflexión and Solidaridad Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero in the VIII Muestra de Nuevos Realizadores (Reflection Group and Solidarity Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero in the VIII Young Directors Film Festival) organized by ICAIC in 2009, shown at the Baseball Film Festival 2009, Nueva York, EEUU, at the Muestra Temática del Festival de Cine Pobre Humberto Solás in Cienfuegos (Low-budget Cinema Film Festival) in 2008; it also forms part of the master plan for preventing domestic violence in Honduras and other Central American nations. Universo-Miniatura. Las Caobas ("Miniature-Universe. The Mahoganies) (28 min.) and Madre, La Tierra (Mother, the Earth) (15 min.) (2011, Programa de Innovación Agrícola Local (PIAL) (Program of Local Farming Innovation), COSUDE, CONTRAHEGEMONIC@S). Las Terrazas, boceto de un paraíso. (The Terraces, outline for a paradise) (Doc. 30 min, 2012, ICIAC) this film was awarded with: Las Cámaras de la Diversidad (The Diversity of Cameras), given by the regional office of UNESCO in the 2013 edition of the Muestra Joven, as well as the award given by the Audiovisual Media Department of ISA and a mention by the Fundación Núñez Jiménez de la Naturaleza y el Hombre (Núñez Jiménez Foundation of Nature and Man) at the same event. He has also worked as assistant director.


Alien Ma Alfonso

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Alien Ma Alfonso graduated from the Instituto Superior de Diseño (Higher Design Institute) in Havana and started working on animation studies at ICAIC as a designer, animator and background designer. Simultaneously, he used his free time to make short independent animations, that had a more visual and thematic experimentation. He made Tictac ("Tick") with this method and was awarded as favorite by the cinematographic press in Cuba and it received various other awards. Later he made “Niños imaginarios” ("Imaginary Children") and videoclips. In 2013 he will premiere a short science fiction animation “Arvenis” where he will combine 2D vectorial animation with 3D.


Eliezer Peangueira

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Eliezer Pérez Angueira, graduated in Film Direction, Radio and Television from the Instituto Superior de Arte (Higher Institute for the Arts) in Havana, Cuba. Since 1995 he works in the Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematograficos ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industries) , as Script and Assistant Director. He has worked on films like Lista de Espera (Waiting List), NADA (NOTHING), Las Noches de Constantinopla (The Nights of Constantinople), Aunque estés Lejos (Eventhough You Are Far Away), Perfecto Amor Equivocado (Perfect Mistaken Love), Gran Residencial Caribe (Great Residential Carribean), Habana Eva (Eva Havana), Trópico Amargo (Bitter Tropic), and many others. He has directed and written: Habana Libre, doc 43 min., Virgilio en la Ciudad Celeste (Virgil in the Celestial City) , doc 35 min. Alabba, doc 40 min. ADONIS, fic, 6 min. X3Y, fic, 13 min.


Ivette Avila Martín

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Ivette is an independent filmmaker and has received various national prizes in her native country Cuba, the most recent is her award for best animation in the XII Muestra Joven ICAIC (Young Directors Film Festival) (2013) and various international awards in Peru, Argentina, Canada and Turkey. She worked for 6 years in the children’s programming studios, Animación de la División de Programas Infantiles de la Televisión (Division of Animation of Children's Television Programs) . She has carried out different roles like screenplay writer, designer, props coordinator, entertainer and director. She has ample experience in audiovisual workshops for children, carrying them out in various provinces and during 2012 she worked in the animation studios of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industries teaching workshops to children. She has participated three consecutive years in the international workshops of Universo Audiovisual de la Niñez Latinoamericana y Caribeña (Audiovisual Universe of Latinamerican and Caribbean Children). She is founder and organizer of the children’s film festival, Festival Infantil del audiovisual LA ESPIRAL.


Gabriela Leal Carranzana 

ImageGabriela Leal Carranzana was studying architecture at University of Las Villas, far from the capital, Havana. During her studies she became interested in animation through her former professor, Harold Diaz Guzmán Casañas (El Muke). She, together with other youth, joined the new animation movement in her province. As a result of this relationship she made her first animation short, Huesitos (Little Bones), which won the award for the best animation at the Young Directors Film Festival (Muestra Joven) in 2014. Gabriela is finishing some other animations and will soon graduate from the University.


Harold Díaz-Guzmán Casañas (El Muke) 


Harold Díaz-Guzman Casañas, known as El Muke, graduated from the Central Las Villas University with a degree in Architecture. As he began his career, he became interested in the world of animation. It eventually became his biggest dream. Living in a city far from the capital of Havana, where there was very little knowledge of animation techniques, he began to teach himself computer animation and 3-D modeling. He no longer works as an architect. He has directed several independent animations and is the head of a small, start-up animation movement that is now happening in his province, thanks to his efforts.