ImageBecause of the interest around the country that has been generated by the Tierralismo Good Earth Film Tour we are now considering doing a second tour at the end of October, 2015. If this is of interest please write to us here




Isis Salcines from the Organoponico Alamar talking with Chris Bolden-Newsome from Bartram Community Farm in Philadelphia during our Tierralismo Good Earth Film Tour.

Burlington Free Press, 4/29/15 
Cuban farmer sows, harvests fresh ideas in VT  
Joel Banner Baird

ImageFilmmaker Alex Halkin, Isis Salcines of Cuba and Margarita Fernandez of the Vermont Caribbean Institute talk with radio host, Mark Johnson.




APRIL 13 - MAY 7, 2015
The Tierralismo Good Earth Film Tour will include screenings of the recently released documentary, Tierralismo: Stories from a Cooperative Farm. Part of the AMI Cuba catalogue, Tierralismo is about the history and practices of one of Cuba’s most successful urban farms, the Organoponico Vivero Alamar (Alamar Organic Cooperative). Tierralismo, introduces viewers to everyone from agronomists and senior management to workers who plant, plow, and propagate. What began as a necessity - farming without pesticides and chemical fertilizers - has become a source of pride to coop members. The film shows how they fertilize with compost and cow manure, raise their own insects for biological pest control, and have even created a fully biodegradable alternative to the plastic bag for use with seedlings.
Tierralismo also covers non-farming aspects of the operation, such as human resources and accounting practices. In a land where financial resources are scarce and governmentally controlled, transparency and trust are paramount. Many of the coop's members have come from other fields - including a former pathologist, a fisherman, and an oil-industry worker. More than half are seniors - including an 82-year-old who says when it comes to hoeing, he can outwork anyone in their twenties. This is a film not only about the food and the farm but the characters who make it happen.
By meeting with food activists, farmers,  and policy makers throughout the U.S., the Tierralismo Good Earth Film Tour aims to provide a critical link and foster meaningful learning among leaders of urban agriculture in Cuba with those in the U. S. In the context of Cuba’s move toward a more market-based economic model, the experiences that Ms. Salcines will see firsthand in the U.S.—innovative marketing strategies, cooperative producer and consumer structures, and trans-disciplinary research and education approaches—will provide new tools that can be adapted in a changing Cuba. U.S. citizens, food activists, farmers, professors and policymakers will learn from the Cuban experience, seeing and hearing firsthand the innovative techniques Cuban farmers have devised to produce healthy food under difficult circumstances and with scarce resources. The Tierralismo Good Earth Film Tour will be about sharing experiences and identifying potential collaborations among the multiple actors needed to ensure access to healthy food for all people.
Tierralismo Good Earth Film Tour Bio’s:
Isis Salcines graduated in 1995 from the Polytecnic Institute “Osvaldo Herrera” with a degree in Telephone Systems and Data. Upon graduation she began working as a long distance operator at the ETECSA (Government telephone company). In 1998, Ms. Salcines was laid off from her job at the ETECSA and began working at the Organoponico Vivero Alamar (Alamar Organic Cooperative). Starting in 2003 she helped design and launch a new food preservation project. In 2007 she enrolled in a six-month course in agricultural studies and in 2008 she began to focus on the marketing and distribution of local organic produce to domestic and international markets. In 2012, she became the Projects Coordinator in the Projects and Investments Office at the Organoponico, and she continues her work in that role to this day. In 2013, Ms. Salcines received an advanced studies degree in Agricultural Engineering. During her time at the cooperative, Ms. Salcines has participated in national and international forums such as TERRA MADRE in Italy (2008 and 2010), the first Urban Agriculture Summit (held in Canada in 2012), and in a series of workshops in Panama about environmental conflicts (2013).
Alejandro Ramírez is a Guatemalan photographer and film director who grew up and currently lives in Alamar, Cuba. He graduated from Facultad de Arte de los Medios de Comunicación Audiovisual de Instituto Superior de Arte, (The School for Audiovisual Communication at the Superior Arts Institute, ISA) in Havana, Cuba. As a photographer he has had 14 solo exhibitions and 10 group exhibitions, and he collaborates with several magazines and media outlets. He has participated in the production of various films and videos as a sound engineer, cameraman, assistant director and director of photography. As a director he has made many documentaries that have won national and international awards. He is a Film Professor at the ISA.